Virgo horoscope for march 26

On an emotional level, this full moon finds you releasing old beliefs concerning self-worth, security, and boundaries. Aries season is major for your intimate relationships and this full moon is, too. Libra is the sign of partnership, and you deserve nothing less than being treated like an equal in your relationships—any unfair partnerships need to go, Virgo! The mood is busy, especially at home and in your family life, as Venus clashes with Mars and mingles with Jupiter on March Mercury meets Neptune on March 24, making for deep conversations between you and your partners— think back to February 19, since issues from then are being stirred up now.

Venus enters Pisces on March 26, bringing blessings to the relationship sector of your chart—the mood is generous and empathetic! Exciting, intellectually stimulating connections are made as Venus connects with Uranus on March 27—this is an especially fun time to meet new people or connect with partners on a new level. Mercury ends its retrograde on March 28 and leaves its post-retrograde shadow on April 16, improving clarity between you and your partners.

Action planet Mars enters Gemini on March 31, energizing the sector of your chart that rules your career and reputation. Mars in Gemini has something to say and so do you, dear Virgo—this is a perfect time to stand in the spotlight! Good luck this month, Virgo, and see you in April! Astro Guide. Feb 28 , pm. Just when you thought things were organised, certain details arose. While you were fully aware of these, you assumed they could be dealt with much later. That being the case, discuss them with those involved individually.

The rest will be easy. The fact, these once worked but no longer do. First, recognise that, then make those changes. Once you do that, everything else will fall into place, and with magical ease. Still, obviously, you want to learn more.

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You only need their agreement to your plans, nothing more. Are you struggling to keep certain longstanding and, in some cases, cherished arrangements going? The fact is, as much as these have enriched your life, it may be time for a substantial rethink or, quite possibly, to say farewell to them. That will soon become clear.

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Often, however, you brush them off, and without realising it. Keep everybody updated. Withdraw discreetly, promising to talk thing over, but not right away. Exciting as the ideas currently being discussed may be, if you get involved it means making some serious changes.

Virgo The Virgin

Plunge in. Good fortune comes in many forms. Knowing that, at least explore every idea or offer, and no matter how strange an encounter, get to know the individual in question. Some may remain perplexing.

Russell Grant Horoscopes for March 26 2002

But many will turn into a source of joy, prosperity and lasting pleasure. Between the presence of your ruler Mars in painstaking Virgo and the current emotionally intense Full Moon in that sign, others are in a demanding mood and you find yourself feeling guilty about things you rarely notice.

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As much as you love being surprised by others, most of those around you know exactly what kind of surprises you welcome, and not. But certain individuals pay little attention to such matters and, in fact, one has promised you something special. Their surprise will thrill you. Discuss those unspoken issues now, and in depth.

ARIES (Mar 21 – Apr 20)

Of course, if you tackle them now, those surprises are less likely. Obviously, this is worrying. At least explore. You could be in for a welcome surprise. Whatever you organise, recognise this is only the beginning. Being a sensible earth sign, you hate wasting time. In fact, some should be ignored. Often you must explain your plans to those who know little about the situation, setting or the people involved.

That is, if you expect somebody to join in with your plans, take action. Then, next time, tell them to get involved. The move by the communication planet, Mercury, into Virgo on your birthday accents the need to, first, review these matters for yourself. That, alone, will be challenging but rewarding. Next is discussing these with others. Few things annoy you more than those who avoid forthright discussions but, instead, use guilt as a springboard to make requests. Instead, take another approach. In fact, things are getting worse.

This probably has more to do with the actual problem. That being the case, get involved. Everybody will be glad you did. As generous as you can be when things are going your way, recent changes in longstanding plans or unexpected events have brought out your stubborn side. Being a painstaking Virgo, you can sometimes get so caught up in improving on existing arrangements that you brush off new ideas without giving them much thought.

Not only is there plenty to explore, certain insights, ideas or offers could be amazingly profitable. From that stillness insights will surface, about those issues and, equally, others. However, with the New Moon indicating not just changes but very real breakthroughs. At least explore what arises. Admittedly, they no longer work. At least consider it. It would be no surprise if others are in an argumentative mood. Or, alternatively, it may be you who feels ready to confront tricky issues or difficult people.

This is welcome, except for the fact that certain of the individuals are amazing stubborn. The challenge is convincing them to go with the flow, at least for the moment. The time has come to be tough. When you talk about your health, you could say that you have earned a gold star. Typically, Virgo birthday personalities are awesome about eating right and getting plenty of exercises.

The only negative here is that you do too much and you worry too much. This could affect you as the digestive systems are typical areas of concern for Virgos. If you learn to relax, you would be better off and aware. Test Now! If you have a birthday today on August 26, then you are a Virgo.

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The August 26th birthday personality can be a modest individual but can be critical at the same time. You are smart and can make people laugh out loud and to love you. You are quite interesting as you have a way with people. You want to be loved, and it is easy for you to find someone until the subject of sex comes up. In general, this Virgo will be in good health if you can stay away from spicy foods and too much stress. Your ruling planet is Mercury.

March 26th Zodiac - Astrology Zodiac Signs

It symbolizes how we perceive things, deal with people and what we make of the opportunities that we are blessed with. Your Birthday Tarot Card is Strength. This card shows that a strong will, determination, and a cool head are necessary to be a success. Number 7 — This number stands for analytical thinking, research, philosophy, and perfection. Number 8 — This number symbolizes your Karmic connections between the physical and spiritual world. Green: This is a color that symbolizes tact, trust, generosity, visionary and spiritual awakening. Blue: This color stands for peace, contemplation, stability, and predictability.

Wednesday — This weekday is ruled by Mercury. It symbolizes what you think and how you show yourself to the real world. Saturday — This day is ruled by Saturn. It stands for a day of hard work and discipline that is needed to meet your goals.