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Danny Mota. Courtney Duncan. Bill Pulsipher. Steve Gibralter.

Mike Robertson. Kevin Jordan. Jim Tatum. Felix Fermin. Ray Krawczyk. Alex Taveras. Randy Lerch. Derek Bryant. Brian Downing. Bob Moose. Jim Qualls. Freddie Patek.


Jeoff Long. Joe Pepitone.

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Mike Hershberger. Tommy Giordano.

Famous People's Birthdays

Mickey Haefner. Jim Winford. Gordon Slade. Jack Tising. Jimmy Welsh. Kenny Hogan. Freddy Spurgeon.

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Joe Sewell HOF. Harry Biemiller. Jing Johnson. Arnie Stone. Red Massey. Ty Helfrich.

Ernie Manning. Rube Marquard HOF.

Numerology: Secrets of your Birthday – 2nd, 11th, 20th, 29th: Number 2 Life Path

Pete Wilson. Charlie Faust. Bill Reidy. Al Maul. Dave Rowe.

We were curious if this is true and decided to do some simple calendar related calculations to verify it. Particularly, we wondered in what days, months and seasons of the year most of the famous people of various occupations were born. Using this data we created calendar "heat maps" for each month and day of the year, showing the number of the famous people that were born on each specific date through thousands of years of human history.


Results were divided into "loose" categories based on the occupations professions. The results are listed below and on the pages related to specific categories.

Birthday Number 29

The more warmer the color, the more people were born on that day or month. Below each table there are also bar charts showing the number of births for each month and astronomical season of the year. Theoretically, the numbers of famous people born each day should be similar, assuming that the same number of people including non-famous were born each day of the year and there is no real correlation between the date of the year you were born and a chance of becoming famous.

Born On June 29 - Birthday - #aboutyourbirthday - Sample

But it is nearly impossible to verify that because the statistics gathered relate to many centuries and regions of the world.