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The progressed angles of a chart also move in a significant way. Planets in the natal chart that are direct might turn retrograde during a progressed year -- or vice versa. If this happens, that year of life will be extremely significant for the native. A progressed chart can be read as a stand-alone chart, but it is also used to compare with the natal chart.

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Transits to progressed planets can also be important to consider. One vital component of the progressed chart is the secondary progressed Moon. This is the fastest moving body in the progressed chart and it will change signs approximately every two and a half years -- which corresponds to the way the Moon changes signs in the sky approximately every two and a half days.

The progressed Moon is a potent tool to help refine prediction. An important progressed Moon aspect will help narrow down a time-sensitive period suggested by larger progressed aspects and transits. Annie was divorced in A look at her natal chart shows that the marriage sector -- the 7th house -- has Aquarius on the cusp. See her natal Mars placement in Aquarius just underneath the North Node in the 6th house? Well, mathematically, it is very close to her Descendant -- the marriage sector -- of her chart. It's next to her natal 7th house by about 3 degrees, making Mars an honorary co-ruler of her marriage sector.

This is important, as you'll soon see when we look at the progressions active at the time of her divorce. With Aquarius on the 7th cusp, that makes Uranus the ruler of Annie's 7th house. Saturn will be a co-ruler because both of these signs rule Aquarius. When it comes to 7th house changes for Annie -- whether a divorce or marriage -- we'll expect to see transits and progressions to either the 7th house cusp, to a planet in the 7th house she has none , or to a planet ruling the 7th house in Annie's case it is busy with Uranus, Saturn and Mars all involved. Venus, the planet that rules love and marriage, will also be involved.

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What transits were active during Annie's divorce in ? Not surprisingly, transiting Uranus in the sky ruler of her 7th house was first exactly conjunct her 7th house cusp, and then goes on to square her natal Venus the planet that naturally rules love and marriage. Your natal chart never changes. But the planets outside the circle always change. This is how you read a transit. You look at the planets outside the circle and which houses they pass.

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In the example below, Jupiter will transit your 12 th house. In the same chart, you now want to check the Moon.

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You want to find out which house in your natal chart is transited by the Moon. You now know that for someone born on January 1 st at AM in LA, California, Jupiter is going to transit their 12 th house, so matters related to the 12 th house will come into focus from October 10 th , when Jupiter moves into Scorpio, until November 9 th , Astrology is a bit more complex than that, there are different ways to calculate the houses you may be more familiar with Placidus house system for example — but the whole signs, the system we just used, is a very good start if you are just starting with astrology.

Also, although houses are the most important things to look at when you want to interpret transits, they are not the only thing to look at. Planets also transit signs Aries, Taurus, Gemini etc. You can play around with your chart, choose a few dates you want to check transits for, and see how the planets transit the houses of your natal chart. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address. Thank you, this is awesome. You explained it so clearly, I really appreciate it.

Yes, thank you, this is great! Interpretation is key here. And then there is Chiron. Thank you so much for this post! Would it be possible for you to do a tutorial on reading a complete natal chart? Or about astro. Thanks again! Thank you for the article! I have a quick question. Are the houses supposed to be different in the transit chart versus your personal the natal chart? Thanks so much! You really helped clarify. I would be most grateful if you could explain one thing.

This is because most astrologers do Sun sign horoscopes. In Sun sign astrology, the first house is the sign where you have your Sun. But if you do, I would advise to listen to the horoscopes for your Ascendant sign. If you use Placidus, you can simply keep the default house option in astro. Jupiter returns occur every twelve years or so, and indicate a new phase of growth and development in life. The first Jupiter return, at around age twelve, concerns the move into adolescence and puberty; while the second return at around age 24 concerns the first real moves into the adult world.

The year of a Jupiter return will usually be a good one, with prizes won and grants awarded. Writers are often first published in this year, and sports people achieve their first important goals. Foreign travel and higher study are often indicated.

The Jupiter return is the ideal time to push forward and be assertive, as efforts will usually be well rewarded. Saturn returns occur approximately every thirty years and indicate a phase in the aging process when new realities and responsibilities must be faced. The first Saturn return occurs at around age thirty and concerns the time when the first real responsibilities are felt. Many people will make a serious commitment at this time, perhaps to or from a marriage, starting a family or buying a home. It is also a time when many assess relationships that have failed and realise that it is time to end them.

As regards work, many will reassess their career and question their progress to date. This can be a good time to change direction and retrain, even at the cost of a lower salary for a while. The second return occurs at around age fifty nine and concerns the time when people reassess the next phase of their lives. Many people begin to consider retiring from full-time work and developing interests that have been neglected because of career and children.

It is also the first time that many have to face the reality of approaching old age. It is important to have a constructive, practical attitude at this time, and not simply regard oneself as being 'on the scrapheap', as for most people there are still many good years ahead. The Saturn return is often a difficult and challenging time, but decisions taken and changes made usually work out well in the long term if they are sensible and followed through with. Uranus takes about 84 years to complete a full return.

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However, one of its most important influences is felt when it reaches the halfway stage in its journey, at around age The Uranus half-return is the origin of what for many people is the 'mid-life crisis'. Women, especially those with children growing up and leaving home, may feel that life has passed them by.

A lot of women also begin the pre-menopause stage at this time, and many men experience the 'male menopause'. Permanent and successful long-term relationships may be unsettled or disrupted by casual flirtations and affairs. The Uranus half-return can be stressful and tense, but also energising.

It is the ideal time for people to break out of routine lifestyles that they have been stuck in for years, and develop new interests. The full Uranus return takes place around age 84, and if the person is reasonably well and fit, it can herald a new and lively interest in life.

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For example, many creative people have completed great works after the age of 84 - Verdi composed his opera Falstaff, and Picasso painted many of his finest paintings late in life. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification.